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next event: November 1 - 2, 2019


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All Saints, All Souls, All Sinners

On November 1, the night of All Saints day, hundreds of people of all ages will walk the 21 miles from St. Joseph Church in Salem to the Benedictine Abbey at Mt. Angel. We will have several rolling rest stops along the way, and two major stops at Fordyce Farms and St. Mary's Church. While walking, we will read from the Gospels, sing, and pray together.

Our story


In the fall of 2018, two friends decided to go on a pilgrimage. Their idea, walking all night from Salem to Mt. Angel, attracted much more interest than they expected, and 125 people joined them on their all-night trek. Together with some new friends, they decided to do it again....and again... and Oregon Pilgrims was born!

Past events


Our Lenten pilgrimage, Ashes to Ashes, took place along the roads from Salem to Amity in beautiful country on Saturday, March 9. The pilgrimage ran from dawn to dusk, and finished with dinner together at the Brigittine monastery. It was a symbol of our desire to walk together through the difficulties of life toward the glory of Easter. Take a look at the photos!

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